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Are you looking for Healthy Prostate Function?

Get Well Natural's Healthy Prostate & Ovary and Crinum Prostate formulas were originally developed by Medical Doctors and Herbalists in Vietnam and Russia, for their patients looking for alternatives to standard Western Medicine prostate disorder treatments like drugs or surgeries. These doctors realized the importance of not focusing solely on treating the symptoms of prostate disorders but instead naturally supported the body's own healthy prostate function and capacity. For more information on how Healthy Prostate & Ovary and Crinum Prostate can be used as part of your dietary supplement protocol, read more below.

Featured Prostate Support Products*
The Prostate Crinum Kit 30 Day Supply*

Crinum Prostate Kit

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Synergistic Prostate Kit contains one each:

  • Crinum Prostate (60 Capsules) 100% Crinum Latifolium - 2 Bottles
  • Healthy Prostate & Ovary (180) Crinum Latifolium Prostate Formula - 1 Set of 2 Bottles

These Doctor recommended herbal health supplements have been combined to provide maximum support for healthy prostate function.* Crinum Prostate is 100% Crinum Latifolium, HPO is a synergistic prostate health support formula containing Crinum Latifolium. Combined, the two provide maximum prostate health support. Go to for the main store or purchase here using "add to cart".*


"I have been using Get Well Natural's Healthy Prostate & Ovary successfully for over 4 years. This product has been a truly remarkable part of my prostate health protocol. Two months ago I added 1 capsule of the Crinum Prostate product to the mix and I can tell you that this product works well with the Healthy Prostate & Ovary. My doctor is very happy with my test results and so am I. Much appreciated."

Stephen G, Florida

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Herbs for Prostate

October 27th, 2010

Herbs for Brought to You by Get Well Natural LLC

Are you looking for the most effective herbs for prostate health support?*

You’ve found them. Or more particularly Get Well Natural’s Healthy Prostate and Ovary and Crinum Prostate. These herbal products have been combined in the Prostate Crinum kit designed to provide Maximum Support for Men concerned with a Healthy Prostate Gland & Function.*

Get Well Natural’s Healthy Prostate & Ovary and Crinum Prostate formulas were originally developed by Medical Doctors and Master Herbalists in Vietnam and Russia, for their patients looking for effective Eastern Medicine as alternatives to standard Western Medicine prostate disorder treatments like drugs or surgeries.*

These doctors focused their patients’ care on naturally supporting the body’s own prostate healing abilities in charge of improving prostate function and capacity. Below is information on each herbal product contained in the Prostate Crinum Kit.

Healthy Prostate & Ovary is an Eastern Medicine designed formula to support the rebalancing of the body in relationship to healthy prostate function. And for those that want additional support, we offer 100% Crinum Prostate, a dietary supplement with 100% authentic Vietnamese crinum latifolium.

They are combined in the Prostate Crinum Herbal Kit for maximum healthy prostate dietary support but are also available individually.*

Ingredients: Proprietary, Full Spectrum Concentrated Blend of 7 Eastern Medicine herbs including: Astragalus, Alisma, Crinum Latifolium, Momordica Charantia, Carica Papaya, Annona Muricata & Patrinia Villosa

Healthy Prostate & Ovary Herbs for Prostate:*

Prostate Crinum Herbs

Carica Papaya Graviola Soursop Astragalus Root Alisma Crinum Latifolium

Crinum Prostate Herbs for Prostate, or Rather ‘Herb’ for Prostate:*

Crinum Latifolium

Crinum Prostate is the only 100% Crinum Latifolium dietary herbal supplement available in the USA as far as Get Well Natural knows.

100% Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium *

Crinum Latifolium Herbal Extract: Traditional Vietnamese Herb Shows Great Promise for Supporting Prostate Health* 

  • 100% Crinum Latifolium Herb*
  • No fillers or preservatives*
  • All-Natural Prostate Dietary Supplement*

Get Well Natural is pleased to announce the introduction of our Original Crinum Prostate (100% Crinum Latifolium). Crinum is capsulized in a 100% Kosher and Vegan, Vegetarian Capsule.  Crinum akes a perfect complement to Healthy Prostate & Ovary.*

The Prostate Crinum Kit

The Prostate Crinum Herbal Kit - Maximum Prostate & Ovary Health Support *

This dietary herbal supplement kit for Prostate Health Support combines Healthy Prostate and Ovary with Crinum Prostate.* Get Well Natural’s Healthy Prostate & Ovary was developed by Doctors & Master Herbalists who believe, and demonstrated in their private practices, that Eastern Medicine philosophy could be applied to a dietary approach to prostate health support. Their efforts resulted in many happy patients. * Decades of use in their practices produced the herbal prostate support formula known as Healthy Prostate & Ovary. The herbs for prostate ingredients are shown above at the collage picture.*

So What Are Herbs for Prostate Health?*

This is sort of a silly question since the name really answers the question. It’s worth noting that herbs for prostate health are simply dietary herbs that are believed by Eastern Medicine to help the body help itself, specifically regarding the prostate. They believe supporting the body’s ability to stay prostate healthy is the object of prostate herbs.*

Click Here for the Herbs for Prostate Health in the Prostate Crinum Kit

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